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#1 Re: General » pokemon platinum-not pal park » 2010-08-01 06:07:16

transfering pokemon through wi-fi is not possible i believe, because the wi-fi is not supported yet.

but if you mean transfering the save file to a real nintendo ds it is possible

#2 Re: Technical » [Report]cannot open DeSmuME from VS2005 » 2010-07-29 12:18:45

well shash sorry about this thread stupid, this was supposed to be in my other thread,
the "Can I Compile DeSmuME using Visual Studio 2005?" but that closed~

and its done i can run it now (although having some breakpoints here and there),
target achieved you can just closed this stupid thread smile

#3 Re: Technical » [Report]cannot open DeSmuME from VS2005 » 2010-07-29 11:18:17

you don't have to be rude, im just reporting it (in case some other person try the same that i did)
and btw opening DeSmuME_2005.sln caused a message box as listed below:

IntelliSense information will not be available for VC++ projects because the Intellisense database file D:\trunk\trunk\desmume\src\windows\DeSmuME_2005.ncb could not be opened for writing.

Other features will also be affected if the solution directory is read-only.

but when i open the DeSmuME_2005.vcproj it opened, but it gave warning that this project is outdated..
despite your rudeness, thanx anyway

#4 Technical » [Report]cannot open DeSmuME from VS2005 » 2010-07-29 09:51:57

Replies: 5

well VS2005 doesn't even let me open the "DeSmuME_2008.vcproj"
it gave a conversion issues, detail below :

Filename: DeSmuME_2008.vcproj
Status: Not Converted
Errors: 2
Warnings: 0

Conversion Issues - DeSmuME_2008.vcproj:
The following error has occurred during XML parsing: File: D:\trunk\trunk\desmume\src\windows\DeSmuME_2008.vcproj Line: 9 Column: 2 Error Message: '9.00' violates enumeration constraint of '7.00 7,00 7.10 7,10 8.00 8,00'. The attribute 'Version' with value '9.00' failed to parse. The file 'D:\trunk\trunk\desmume\src\windows\DeSmuME_2008.vcproj' has failed to load.
Project upgrade failed.

oh well guess i have to upgrade to VS2008 or VS2010 then...

#5 Technical » Can I Compile DeSmuME using Visual Studio 2005? » 2010-07-29 08:58:51

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the subject said it, i want to compile DeSmuME, however i don't have VS2010,
i only have VS2005, the reason i asked is to find out, does DeSmuME source code
using special feature of VS2010 that does not exist in VS2005

sorry for the bad English, its not my main language

and thanx before smile

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