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#1 Re: Support II (decommissioned) » Phoenix Wright problem » 2010-07-21 05:21:02

Yes, I did...

I know, you have to ask these questions when someone's post count is this low, no offence taken big_smile


I was thinking A as in the default key for Y... not A for the DS...

...thanks for the help zeromus!

#2 Re: Support II (decommissioned) » Phoenix Wright problem » 2010-07-21 00:18:12

They just don't work, I don't get the desmume can't load this error message.

as for the savestate:

Sorry I didn't post all this sooner.

EDIT: Also, I'm pretty sure that the chance to yell "Objection!" appears earlier in the game by holding down whatever you've set as the Y button instead of pressing "Present." It's just this is the only time it's mandatory.

#3 Re: Support II (decommissioned) » Phoenix Wright problem » 2010-07-20 16:13:21

Sorry to rez this post, but one more problem.

So, at case 5, pass the 3D inspections, pass the fingerprinting thanks to the internal sound sample(s), solved the case... and at the very end...

...where it wants me to yell "Objection!" through the mic.

Can't do it directly though the mic (though that may be a problem with my mic, and not DeSmuME), and all efforts to pre-record me yelling "OBJECTION!" and using it for a sound sample have been fruitless as well.

Could really use a sound file that gets me pass this point, if it exists, because a OCD Mental Block keeps me from getting to the next game on my list until this is solved.

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