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#1 Re: General » To everyone with two USB gamepads on the same chain » 2010-07-14 23:18:30

Had I opted for an advertisement on an english speaking forum, I wouldn't have linked it from a swedish DIY tech gadget firm wink (kind of hard to pimp a web-shop that only caters to less than 1% of any visitor in terms of language wouldn't you think?)

I tried to search the forum and FAQ for information regarding similar things, but came up empty so I figured I'd help others find that information a bit quicker. Maybe an addition to the FAQ mentioning this would be prudent as this version definitely fixed that problem.

Thanks for the heads up, as this thread is pointless now, I wouldn't mind if you'd choose to lock it big_smile

#2 General » To everyone with two USB gamepads on the same chain » 2010-07-14 19:40:25

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Hi everyone,

Forum lurk0r posting here, first of all, I love this emulator, big applause, internet moneys, etc to the people that created this masterpiece!

Secondly, to the meat of the post, as I'm very fond of emulation in general I was very shocked when I plugged in my new double
PS2 USB controller from Gametech. If you don't know what I mean, here's an image of it: … 31_327.jpg

It simply won't register any buttons on it. However, being the old troubleshooter that I am, I tried different approaches which all failed miserably. (other USB ports, other drivers, other OS (other machine), sacrificing a virgin to satan.. you know the usual drill) But, what really vexed me was that this pad works in EVERY OTHER EMULATOR AND GAME OUT THERE.

I was just about to post a topic in the support forum when an old lesson from my hardware classes replayed like an old jackie chan flashback:

"always remember that if you have devices attached on a chain, the first device ON that chain will be enumerated, thereafter the second device will be enumerated after that and so on.."

So that's just it, I tried the other pad on the chain and it registers perfectly smile

Information about my system:

Phenom II 905E CPU
4GB RAM (1066mhz Kingston)
AMD RS232 motherboard
Vista Ultimate 64-bit

And last but not least:

Cheap but wonderfully wonderful gametech gamepad pair

I don't expect a fix for this, but I just wanted to share the information with everybody else having similar situations with other pads like these out there.

As you were people, as you were big_smile

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