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#1 Re: Support » Can't access save files » 2023-09-28 21:04:54

Wow thanks! I'm not sure how the absolute hell you're not understanding what I'm saying. I'd have sent a video or photo of I could long ago. But whatever man, I'll just get a different emulator. It's beyond me how an emulator can be so shit that I can't access my saves properly.

#2 Re: Support » Can't access save files » 2023-09-28 05:48:39

I'm not sure how else to describe it. I tried loading in whatever was in the Battery folder that apparently houses save files.

#3 Re: Support » Can't access save files » 2023-09-28 04:43:07

File->open ROM->save from Battery folder instead of the main game.

#4 Re: Support » Can't access save files » 2023-09-27 17:19:35

I literally just tried accessing my save by loading that instead of the main game (because when I loaded the game my save was gone). And as said I am not at all tech savvy. If I have to have all this technical knowledge just to play a save file in a game then I'm getting a different emulator, like I don't know how else to describe that besides that it's fucked. In literally every other emulator I have I'm able to access my saves with no issue. I know save states are a whole different thing and I've read that from this is where most issues arise but as I said this was the in game save, not a save state. Ranting aside, can you tell me why this didn't work and how I can avoid this issue of not being able to load a save in the future?

#5 Re: Support » Can't access save files » 2023-09-25 05:18:43

Yeah that's where I was trying to load them from last time and it wouldn't let me. Why would this be?

#6 Re: Support » Can't access save files » 2023-09-23 21:56:12

Just redownloaded Desmume, and put the extracted stuff in a folder I made. I'll try the game itself out at some later date, since I've started on a different game and the intro (meaning getting to a point where I can save) to Pokemon Black/White takes longer compared to the other games. But I wanted to clarify that initially I was running Desmume from the extracted folder and it was letting me save in game. But to avoid this in the future how would I access my saves in a useable format?

#7 Re: Support » Can't access save files » 2023-09-23 02:07:59

Ugh I might just restart my game from the beginning and try to catch the Pokemon I got and whatnot. To avoid this in the future what should I do?

#8 Re: Support » Can't access save files » 2023-09-22 17:22:18

How can I tell if my stuff is an archive? I only remember seeing/using zip files.

#9 Re: Support » Can't access save files » 2023-09-21 01:09:20

Ok. But as for the dearchiving part I looked it up on google and get results for unzipping/zipping files. Is that what you're referring to or is dearchiving a different and much more obscure process?

#10 Re: Support » Can't access save files » 2023-09-20 16:26:16

I don't think I can upload pictures here but I do have an app shortcut thing for Desmume. I may have just moved it out of that zipfile though. And I'm super confused about the "downloading everything again" part, from where would I do that? Do I need to go to the Desmume site and download the emulator again and basically do the same for Pokemon Blaze Black, or can I do it from a folder?

#11 Re: Support » Can't access save files » 2023-09-19 23:57:16

Well shit would it be easier I just start my game over if I don't really know how to do anything? And to avoid this issue in the future what should I do?

#12 Re: Support » Can't access save files » 2023-09-19 15:17:38

By "download everything" what exactly would that be? Would it be the game, emulator, or both? Also wanted to clarify I didn't make any new files, they kinda just appeared on their own. As for the dearchiving part I didn't do any of that unless the emulator did it by itself, as I don't know how to do that and I only have a vague idea of what it even means.

#13 Support » Can't access save files » 2023-09-18 19:28:04

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Hello, I was playing Pokémon Blaze Black and before closing the game I was sure to save. I tried loading the game today and I didn't see my save file. I googled to see if people have had similar issues, and they did but I'm not understanding a lot of the help being given (because I am not at all tech savvy). The only new thing I'm understanding is that apparently my save data is in the folder named "Battery" but not much else. I tried loading the save files from here with the emulator, but it would not let me. I've also seen plenty of suggestions to move/rename things, but I'm reluctant to do any of that because I'd have no idea what I'm doing, and I don't want to permanently lose my save data or even do something to my computer as a whole. Can someone help me out? I will be sure to check this for responses regularly.

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