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#1 Re: Support » Export save from Inds yo Desmume on pc and backwards » 2023-06-10 19:17:51

I hope you see this, your thread is the only thing I can find only pertaining specifically to my situation. I’ve followed your steps perfectly but I cannot find the yyyyy’s and snipe for the life of me using hex please respond and explain this in a way Dumbys would even understand….

#2 Support » Lost save from IOS to Windows » 2023-06-10 04:21:36

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Hi, I downloaded the ROM onto my iPhone, I used the IPhone Desmume emulator to run Pokémon platinum. I got decently far into the game and realized I could only use cheats while running Pokémon platinum on windows. I used Dropbox to transfer my ROM from my IOS 13 to my Windows Insperion 11. When I go to open the ROM on my windows 11 pc it’s starts a new game and my old save is not there. I need to know how to transfer my save from my iPhone 13 to my insperion 11 (so I can use cheats) then back to my iPhone where I can comfortably play the game. PLEASE HELP! Im by no means a computer wiz and im at the end of my wits

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