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#1 Re: Support » Registering Tablet Clicks as Press-and-Hold » 2023-01-16 00:03:42

Gonna be honest, I do not have the time or ability to go through every driver. The fact that someone else has this problem, even on Windows 10, makes me think that it might not be an OS issue. I've messed with many drawing tablet settings to try and get it to behave, though nothing has worked. Also, it's not a touch screen; my tablet model does not have a screen. I just don't understand what could've changed if the touch-drivers haven't been updated in years.

I don't have any coding knowledge to try and fix the problem myself; that's why I reached out to the forum instead of doing it myself. If I had the ability, I would've handled it without posting. I guess I'm just stuck with the issue forever unless someone else figures out a fix.

#2 Support » Registering Tablet Clicks as Press-and-Hold » 2023-01-14 19:53:59

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Hi all,

I am using my drawing tablet to increase the realism of my experience (and honestly I just like using it). I have used it in the past without issue, other than the known double-click issue that has been posted before. However, I have recently come back to DesmuMe after getting my new computer, and the program registers any input from my tablet as pressing and holding. Even when my pen is nowhere near the tablet, it still acts as if it is. I am trying to play Spirit Tracks again (I had zero issues before), and in that game, there is a little sparkle effect to indicate where your cursor is when you are moving Link around. Whenever I remove my pen from the tablet, the effect persists until I click my actual mouse. It also does this on the menu screen, pressing the same button every time I hover over it (not clicking). It behaves normally with the mouse, and my tablet is behaving normally outside of the program.

My computer has Windows 11 and the tablet is a Wacom Intuos Art.

Thanks in advance!

TL;DR The program registers initial touches with my drawing tablet as pressing and holding. It treats the mouse as usual

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