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#1 Re: Support » explorers of sky - in game cursor is completely invisible » 2022-08-02 02:02:43

every time i close the emulator and reopen it, it just stays on a blank white screen until i load my save state. without the save state, i cannot access the game at all. also, just from previous experiences, every time i have closed the emulator without using save states, my data has not been saved and when i reopen the emulator, i'm met with the new game option.

#2 Support » explorers of sky - in game cursor is completely invisible » 2022-07-30 20:56:58

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im currently playing pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky using this emulator and all was good until the expedition part of the game. the game glitched at this part of the game, all of the pokemon's shadows disappeared and the in game cursor also completely disappeared, making it very inconvenient trying to navigate the menus and use wonder mail s. just wondering if anyone has also experienced this, knows why it happened or knows how to fix it.

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