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#1 Re: General » Metroid Prime Hunters LUA script » 2022-05-01 00:06:16

I'm a first time poster and kind of a moron when it comes to these things but I followed the instructions to the letter and only get this output:

...n\Desktop\OG NDS\DeSmuME v.0.9.11\huntersControl.lua:46: attempt to index global 'controller' (a nil value) script stopped.

The lua51.dll is correct, I'm using the latest version of x64 DeSmuME, I tried other games and other scripts (such as a free camera script) but LUA scrips just won't run for me at all. I know there's probably a very simple and dumb solution for what I'm experiencing if anyone could point it out for me?


Edit: just read the above post sad

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