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#1 Re: Support » Questions about connecting to Poke Classic Network » 2021-07-28 04:25:11

zeromus wrote:

Wifi isn't supported. Find a pokemon gamer's forum. But I can tell you that you can hack the save files for any pokemon games if you find the right tools.

Thanks man, I will look into the other forums for Pokemon specifically. <3

#2 Support » Questions about connecting to Poke Classic Network » 2021-07-28 02:19:04

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Hi all,

Very new to the emulation scene and currently trying to figure out a way to connect the DeSmuME emulator with latest build to wi-fi in order to trade pokemon through the Poke Classic Emulator. I know Nintendo shut down the GTS quite some time ago but saw that fans had created a network to act as the new GTS by changing DNS settings in the options menu. Basically I want to gen pokemon not obtainable in Heartgold so I can transfer over to my physical copy of the game on my nintendo DSLite. Appreciate the help in advance, or if anyone knows a way to get generated pokemon to the NDSLite without the need for the fancy fan created GTS/WiFi network please let me know!

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