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#1 Support » Save state wipes real save in Pokemon Platinum??? » 2021-07-20 23:14:50

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So, I save often when I'm playing Pokemon. I was just about to face Crasher Wake, and I saved the game. The game froze, and I button mashed a bit without realizing, and accidentally hit the hotkey for opening Save State #1. I then thought, no problem, I'll just re-open the rom. It should bring me back to my recent save, right? Wrong. It put me all the way back at Hearthome City, which is where I was at the Save State #1 file (I saved a state to test something.) It appears that opening a save state has fully overwritten my REAL save data linked to the rom. Does anyone know why this happened, or a fix for it? There's realistically no reason save states should ever take priority over real saves in just opening a rom by default, right?

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