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#1 General » Shiny Hunting in Pokemon White 2 » 2021-07-02 10:30:17

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I'm woundering about one thing
I've started my shiny hunting for Cobalion in Pokemon White 2 (playing on desmume) about 6 mounths ago and I've counted almost 11.000 SR.
My friend told me that you can't SR a shiny when name of a season don't change after loading the game, in my case it's stuck on "Summer" and never changes, until I go in and out from PokeCenter, then name of season changes to current.
Is it okey? I know that it isn't that astonishing count but I've started counting 2 mounths ago, earlier I wasn't counting.
Should I countinue on hunting or is there any glitch that shiny locks a Pokemon when name of a season don't change after SR?

#2 General » Flash bug » 2021-06-02 18:38:41

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Playing Heartgold on the newest version. when i use flash to be able to see in a dark cave my screen flashes up for a second. then i can see everything in the cave but in the next second everything goes black. i can still use the menues and everything there works, but i cant see in the cave. any idea how to fix that?

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