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#1 Re: Compatibility » Avatar Glitch with Pokemon HeartGold on latest DeSemue » 2021-04-10 08:41:56

In Pokemon Soul Silver, whenever I run into the tall grass a level 1 turtwig comes up. This is pretty weird as Soul Silver is Gen 2 and Turtwig is from Gen 4. I caught one an its lvl 18 Grotle. I think this bug might be fixed by maybe releasing Grotle, but I'm not too keen to try it. Can anyone help me? Also I need a water type because that's the only way to get to ecruteak city. There is another bug aswell. In the game corner (Goldenrod city) I always get 3 on the cards so I can get 50 000 coins in just 2 rows! Also I can get lots of dratinis smile I know that one is good but the turtwig one is annoying. Can someone also tell me how to level up an abra if all it knows is teleport. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME THIS IS SO ANNOYING

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