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#1 Technical » DeSmuME time keeps using windows time » 2021-02-25 10:23:36

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I've been using DeSmuME for a while, but lately I've started streaming it and found a problem I can't seem to set up.
So the problem is as follows: I stream with obs late in the day and want to catch daytime pokémon. I've searched everywhere and keep stumbeling on the fact that I need to change the system time. This works, but I can't do that as obs starts acting funky when I do. So I thought... If I could start it as a real ds, I could change the time. I've found how to set up bios and stuff, sadly I can't change the time as it always reverts to my windows system time.

So TL;DR: I need DeSmuME to run a different clock than windows system time. Is there a plugin or lua script that would allow me to do this or even just a way to change it in the bios file?
Thank you in advance.

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