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#1 Re: General » Soft Reset // Pokemon Platinum // Shiny Hunting » 2020-05-25 01:43:08

zeromus wrote:

This isn't a pokemon gamer's forum. We don't know what it takes to catch a shiny Uxie. You need to go ask on a pokemon gamer's forum.

I believe you misinterpreted the premise of her question. She was asking if reloading save states would work in the same manner as soft resetting her game. This question could apply to many games where you need to soft reset for RNG reasons, not exclusively Pokemon games. This question is also directly related to DeSmuME and what it can and can not do therefore making it a question for the DeSmuME Forums, not for a 'pokemon gamer's forum'. Also, I don't believe being rude is an intended part of the DeSmuME forums either, I'd like if you were rude elsewhere, perhaps a meany head forum? Just a suggestion though smile

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