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#1 Re: Support » How to patch the latest stable release with the github 0.9.12 link » 2021-04-23 14:35:09

oh damn it looks so much better than before without any frame loss. thanks! and is it worth playing the 0.9.11 version for a like an extra 100 frames?

#2 Support » How to patch the latest stable release with the github 0.9.12 link » 2021-04-21 05:20:27

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i downloaded the 0.9.12 version from github. it works as a standalone but there are some glitches like the screen getting glitched when going from windowed to fullscreen. wanted to know if there were some additional steps to the installation.

#3 Re: Support » Speed Up Option » 2020-03-19 07:01:32

So basically I need to have a super fast pc ?

#4 Re: Support » Speed Up Option » 2020-03-18 16:26:54

Laptop Specs

Processor-Intel Core i3-3110M(2.4 GHz)
Video Card #1-NVIDIA GeForce GT 635M
Video Card #2-Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000(M)
Drive-SSD 120GB(More than 50% unused)
Windows-Windows 10

That's all you need right?

#5 Re: Support » Cheats Pokemon Heartgold » 2020-03-18 09:11:43

zeromus wrote:

look harder on, there are ~5 years newer versions

Really? 0.9.11 is the latest version. Well I don't experience the same problem tho.

#6 Support » Speed Up Option » 2020-03-18 09:00:22

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Is there a way to speed up desmume in which the game moves fast without stuttering? I've tried using the frame skip in 3 and it doesn't stutter but I don't notice any significant speed up. And also in 9 the game becomes faster a bit but I can notice stuttering. The speed up option just ruins the game it stutters af. So basically i want the game to run at above 700%(speed), which seems kinda impossible tho. And btw are u guys still developing the emulator is it at its final stage?

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