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#1 Support » time-based events not working properly in pokemon HeartGold » 2019-12-20 01:42:12

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I'm emulating Pokemon HeartGold, i've have had no trouble running and playing the actual game, but certain date-based events aren't working properly for me.

Specifically i'm not able to buy evolution stones from the pokeathlon, the items do change daily as intended, but the game tells me that i've already bought an item even though i haven't and doesn't let me buy it again, i suppose that the game asumes i've changed the time/date of the DS/PC so even though the stock of the items changed i'm not allowed to buy multiple items to prevent an exploit, but the thing is that i have NOT messed with the time/date of my PC at all, i haven't changed a single time since starting the ROM.

This also affects Kurt's apricorn balls, i gave him some apricorns to turn into pokeballs and supposedly he gives them to you in 24 hours after giving him the apricorns, but several days have passed (almost a week) and Kurt has not finished making the apricorn pokeballs that i gave him, i think this is the same issue as the pokeathlon, where the game prevents you from obtaining the items if you changed the date/time of the system since you started the event, but again i have not messed with the date or the time of my PC so i have no idea what caused this and how to fix it.

Weirdly enough the ingame dates and time actually matches the time and date of my pc, the day/night cycle works fine, i can get calls from the daily trainers in the pokegear and battle them, and the bug catching contest does happen on the intended days, which just confuses me even more, why do certain time/date based events do happen while others do not, i can't seem to figure it out.

I have looked around for answers but i've found nothing that works, so i made an account here to ask this. (ps; if anyone knows where to find a fire stone before beating the johto elite 4 aside from the pokeathlon please tell me :c )

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