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#1 Re: Technical » DSonPSP Desmume core » 2019-06-18 19:44:16

An update on this project, as I didn't want to create a new thread: we have totally scrapped the 10-year-old Yoshihiro DSonPSP code and have started working on DeSmuME PSP based on HCF's port.

We're still looking for programmers, but we are now in-game and booting what titles we've tested so far. It compiles on the latest toolchain after some fixes as well. There are some miscellaneous issues that don't seem to be PSP-level problems, so if anyone wants to try something different and help us to fix some of these check the Discord. Attached is one issue with colours as blues should be red here (colour channel issues?) in Ace Attorney. (Edit: Later fixed! Just an endianness issue)

We intend to use Exophase's ARM7-to-MIPS JIT to start with for the DS's secondary CPU (he has given us permission!). As ARM7 code is forwards compatible with ARM9, we may be able to expand this JIT to accommodate ARM9 for the main CPU.

If anyone is interested, we'd appreciate some help from developers.

#2 Re: Technical » DSonPSP Desmume core » 2018-12-19 18:23:37

hcf wrote:

Sorry for the late replay, I didn't read this thread before.

Months ago I did a proof of concept, translating the code of DesmumeX (my Desmume port for Xbox) to PSP. So I have a Desmume port for PSP that is not based on Yoshihiro's old code, but in the current Desmume core. I didn't tell it to anybody because it is very far from being playable sad

But I have read that one of your plans is updating the code of your port, to the last Desmume core. I already have that thing working, so if you think that it can be useful, I can share this port and/or even work with you in this new port. Please, be warned that I only achieved around 12 FPS (with frameskip 3) in simple games, so it is really very far from being full-speed or even playable... but if your plan is updating the code, maybe the work that I did could be useful to you (mainly to save you from all the headaches that I had due to endian issues!).

If you want me to help you in this PSP port, please let me know.


That would be really good! We're all ears for trying new things with it. Since this obviously isn't the most convenient place to talk about it, do you have Discord? You could join our place at (Sorry if this is advertising! I don't want it to come off that way) and I'm sure you'd be a massive help; we're looking for programmers.

#3 Re: Technical » DSonPSP Desmume core » 2018-08-12 09:45:54

I thought a few years ago Desmume was rewritten with the intent of that? I don't think any retroarch cores on PSP are even half as performant as their standalone PSP counterparts, but that's to be expected I suppose. Thanks for responding anyway.

#4 Technical » DSonPSP Desmume core » 2018-08-09 12:29:59

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A few years ago, DSonPSP was created as a proof of concept revolving around the Desmume core at the time, from 2006/07. Recently, a group of programmers - myself included - have taken an interest in DSonPSP again. We think that the PSP is capable of emulating, say, 2D DS games quite well, and we're setting out to update the code.

However, we've run into a pretty big difficulty. DSonPSP's iteration of Desmume is so old that it's written in C, whereas Desmume was rewritten years ago in C++. Additionally, the PSP is MIPS based, so the x86 dynarec is a no-go as well for the time being. So on behalf of us I'd like to reach out to the programmers here to see if they could offer us any assistance in backporting Desmume code to the PSP. Is anyone interested or willing to give us help or info? Thanks in advance.

(Edit: here is the DeSmuME PSP code we're working on thanks to HCF:

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