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#1 Re: Technical » Small patches for linux port » 2018-07-05 10:06:46

OK, created 3 pull requests. Don't know how much time I will put into it, though, unless it breaks again smile

#2 Technical » Small patches for linux port » 2018-07-03 12:14:07

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I put up 4 small patches for the current master branch that fix a few issues on linux: I don't know whether i should file 3–4 bugreports for these small changes, so i put them here instead, but if you want me to, i can file those bug reports.

0001: since agg 2.5 has gone out of development and debian has reverted to version 2.4, too, switch back to agg 2.4.

0002 & 0003: --enable-gdb-stub has been broken for me, too. The first patch fixes some (untested) compilation errors in the glade frontend, the second reverts an api change of the CommandLine class which breaks NDSSystem.cpp compilation if --enable-gdb-stub is enabled.

0004: Fixes a crash on non-Windows if no firmware was given on the command line, since the new fields in CommandLine were never initialized.

I also want to ask about the current status of the posix/linux port, if there are any plans or active developers around. I might look into some other issues I still have, like cheat ui being broken or glade frontend not working (why do we need a glade frontend ayways?).

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