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#1 Support » Last builds of DeSmuME with ReShade. » 2018-02-17 07:04:59

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In the latest builds of the emulator, the HD Scaling was added. It very successfully smoothes out the 2D-backgorunds in the RE1: DS.
Unfortunately, when 5X hd scaling a lot of resources are taken away, and such filters as "scanlines" can not be added, because the fps drops to the minimum values.
Is it possible to add filters from the outside using the Reshade? I know that the Reshade can be started through the x432r, but in that build the 2d-backgrounds are not smoothly smoothed and there is no hd scaling (in that x432r of the texture is not smoothed out and just represent a terrible pixel mash). So is it possible to run the ReShade through the latest builds, for example, git#ab18de0?

I will be very grateful. I apologize for possible mistakes, I'm Russian.

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