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#1 General » xBRZ for Sprites » 2017-09-19 08:34:41

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I wanted to kindly ask the desmume devs, if you are currently working on xBRZ for sprites.
The implementation for textures are really really great. Bravo for that!
I am just curious if this is possible for sprites in desmume as well. I really don't want to say, please do it.
It is just interesting to read what the obstacles are and what you tried so far?

I also like to read the progress report from dolphin, pcsx2, rpcs3 etc.
It is just curiosity. smile

#2 Re: General » Metroid Prime Hunters - LUA script » 2017-09-19 08:31:20

Is it possible to map the screen to controller buttons?
Means instead of key.M to use button.1 (directinput).

#3 Re: General » Filters and resolution » 2016-09-05 11:53:03

Sounds great. I already cannot wait to see the results. ^^

I hope you don't get me wrong. I am really appreciating all your hard work and improvements.
But I am currently thinking how to improve the image quality of the first 3D consoles and the first 3D Handhelds.
PSX, Saturn and even N64 have the issues of very pixelated graphics. Nowadays you can hardly play the games from those consoles.
You really need a) higher resolution with improvements of the GPU (e.g. GTE accuracy) and b) texture filtering.
The same applies for the DS and the PSP.

The issue I am always seeing with xBRZ is posterisation.
PSP with Monster Hunter is always the best example:
Even Bilinear Filtering is giving a better result:

The question is how to get the sharp  structures of xBRZ but also the nice transitions of Bilinear.
PPSSPP has a great approach with the Hybrid+Bicubic and Deposterisation effect (currently my favorite)
Here is a very interesting blog entry about the approach:

But the libretro team with the different shader combiniations can also give astonishing results.
So I am looking to the best filter/scaler combinations.
Currently I think Super XBR or XBRZ  / Bicubic / Hybrid / Hybrid + Bicubic with the Deposterisation Option are the best features for scaling/fiterling.
But the biliteral filter removes the pixels also extremely well (here the c++ source: … lter.html)

I would really like to test a little bit around which combinations are the best result, but unfortunately I don't have the time for that. :-(

#4 Re: General » Filters and resolution » 2016-08-24 09:41:03

I am currently playing around with Super xBR and the bilateral filter, which has amazing results.
Super xBR is much more advanced than xBRZ.
Super xBR has the benefit of less posterization effects, together with bilateral the effect is almost gone.

Super xBR:

Super xBR with fast Bilateral
Super xBR:

Super xBR with fast Bilateral

Super xBR:

Super xBR with fast Bilateral

Super xBR

Super xBR with fast Bilateral

The DS has the same issues like the PSX concerning filtering.
Together with the RGB888 change, it would be a great a addition to enhance the DS image quality.

Here is the C++ Code for Super xBR:

#5 Re: Support » Hotel dusk - background issue » 2016-08-10 08:29:09

You are absolutely right. It is a Recompiler issue.
Turning of Dynamic Recompiler or setting the block size to 20 solves the issue.

#6 Support » Hotel dusk - background issue » 2016-08-06 18:41:33

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This is a bug with the opengl renderer.
If you are playing hotel dusk sometimes a character erase the overlay.
Means you have a black and white picture and if the character moves, the movement deletes the black and white picture and the previous image (for example a coloured background) becomes visible again.
It is easily reproducible. Only watch the start sequence.

#7 Re: General » Improvement Idea - Touchscreen Coordinates Mapping » 2016-05-26 19:37:47

I know I could use Autohotkey. I could also use AutoIT.
And if I am very ambitious I could also C and C++.

But this is not my question. I see more benefits to integrate it directly in the emulator instead of an external application.
I already saw some thread about past proposals which are the same.
It seems you implemented that feature already for MacOSX.

I am really lazy to search through sourceforge (I am more a fan of github), but I am interested about the obstacle concerning a windows port of the feature.

#8 General » Improvement Idea - Touchscreen Coordinates Mapping » 2016-05-26 14:22:06

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Hi everyone,

I had an idea and want to ask about the opinion of the developers.
In general the current implementation of desmume has only a mouse input for the touchscreen.
However many games use the touchscreen as button replacement. The idea is to map the touchscreen buttons via coordinates to the keyboard or to a controller.
For example New Super Mario Bros

To use the mushroom the player has to press the mushroom button on the touschreen. However after a while it can be annoying to use the mouse or a pointing device to select this button.
I tried with GlovePie to simulate several fake mouses to click on fix coordinates with the buttons on a controller. It was working pretty well. However if I move the window of desmume or if I switch to fullscreen the solution from GlovePie is gone. Furthermore GlovePie is a dead app and the development ended years ago. It was more or less only a feasibility.

But the idea is to use the same approach from GlovePie, however integrated in desmume. Means, the user defines a button which shall be used as a click event on touchscreen coordinates. Instead of using a mouse to click on the touchscreen, the user can press a button on the controller (for instance the dpad on the Xbox 360 controller) to click on pre-defined touchscreen coordinates. The resolution of the screen (256 × 192) and the coordination system are known. Hence, the benefit would be that the defined coordinates stay the same, if the window from desmume is for example moved. So the mapping of a button to a touchscreen coordinate, would always lead to the same result.
Especially games like New Super Mario Bros, Super Pricess Peach and other games would become more playable.

However I am not so familier with the code base of desmume and the efforts to implement the idea.

#9 Re: General » Filters and resolution » 2016-03-26 09:30:13

I hope the devs won't kill me, but I am curious about some pixelated graphics. :-)
Some Textures are nicely scaled but others are unaffected. My screenshots show this effect in some games like Mario Kart.
I would like to know why. Are these graphics different compared to textures (maybe sprites?).
Is it also possible to scale/filter these graphics as well?

#10 Re: General » Filters and resolution » 2016-03-19 21:48:31

Thanks a lot for the quick and detailed answer. smile
This explains a lot, especially concerning performance.

As said, I highly appreciate your work.
It's incredible what you achieved.
You are doing such a great job.

#11 Re: General » Filters and resolution » 2016-03-19 19:15:47

I created some pictures from Dragon Quest IX.
More can be found in the gallery:

9orxurl4chod_t.jpg 9nq1gmxn4tir_t.jpg dposmpenixul_t.jpg 6dedk887sd2w_t.jpg 7oc9hy0gkhki_t.jpg aw628mx6g803_t.jpg peob7k0p0lyl_t.jpg wcrtiqfwx7kx_t.jpg 30d70laflmd3_t.jpg

I have just a small request. I know everything is still in development, and I highly appreciate the work you did with high resolution and texture scaling (as you can see in my images). But can you add in the future the texture scaling features from ppsspp?
Means beside "xBRZ", can you add following filters:
"Hybrid" (I guess it is linear scaling with xBRZ),
"Hybrid + Bicubic"?

In some games the xBRZ filter is just to comic like and doesn't fit to the style of the game. Therefore the Bicubic filter is much more efficient to keep the original style of the game.
PPSSPP Source: … erCommon.h … Common.cpp

#12 Re: General » Filters and resolution » 2016-03-18 11:21:24

I tested the new filtering feature. Together with the High-Resolution upscaling it is amazing.

Animal Crossing:
kddm476n5md2_t.jpg nnzflg65yvsr_t.jpg

Big Bang Mini:
ttupe1n10q1r_t.jpg bp1gwb0mjxwn_t.jpg

FFCC - Ring of Fates:
e70lxk5g7l9d_t.jpg gk9h073m2bl0_t.jpg

Final Fantasy Fables:
nivmhdtnjffa_t.jpg 8e0tpbyc6y82_t.jpg

Golden Sun DS:
pps5t5hr9bhp_t.jpg v8a056hi6wnm_t.jpg zpt3waupii1q_t.jpg 0r3cvkl5lh8r_t.jpg p5p3t63hozcc_t.jpg a37raiyl84ty_t.jpg w8umihsjvx54_t.jpg

Mario Kart DS:
4vlz9su6y4ik_t.jpg 9f4qaxz8k7xe_t.jpg sbu0gs8qnauw_t.jpg anm6zlgzk4he_t.jpg q7ropcf0l2cx_t.jpg 2d9vba9s0jxh_t.jpg e80r9c4jyh1b_t.jpg f4425nyeln8p_t.jpg 9x2a2l6jyn6o_t.jpg eyi0mi7zax4b_t.jpg fidhqmmujnm5_t.jpg oyr53ntdz5t8_t.jpg rntke81v6zph_t.jpg

Metroid Prime Hunters:
54t8es6kg22c_t.jpg xtkq553r2xbe_t.jpg ld8p08fb9tkw_t.jpg nvevimg2t5dq_t.jpg 4d991c2rlcqz_t.jpg g00bxb0y18fg_t.jpg m696by8yju69_t.jpg

Okami Den:
vbvfplo2ln7h_t.jpg l5idm42981gk_t.jpg p88o48o8abxe_t.jpg 6es6rn0ih49l_t.jpg rtbs82gjbcpj_t.jpg uywbdpzrq4ga_t.jpg

Starfox Command:
h64faqg4f4mq_t.jpg ki4hqrq8gqo5_t.jpg yysbhznbazhr_t.jpg zogqy4fqw8jp_t.jpg

Super Mario 64 DS:
oxso76g7wh5g_t.jpg 24jpw80gnbc9_t.jpg 7zvfh1nqsb50_t.jpg azs7qa0wuow9_t.jpg

The Legend of Zelda - Phantom Hourglass
km1kjikqlg9u_t.jpg kgcrm36lnxrp_t.jpg uk7d4z96edie_t.jpg

The Legend of Zelda - Spirit Tracks
d0l3i8gqc4rm_t.jpg tbw6rbpbfst4_t.jpg 2osmzqlpbvvz_t.jpg wnjneus21s6v_t.jpg c5n9ywsdqsvy_t.jpg 68h55o15bqgm_t.jpg dvbtyhtzzv5w_t.jpg lv6u5pkrd9mx_t.jpg 98feu5mrkvdy_t.jpg zwwpmrjq314o_t.jpg zln0p4cjtr0i_t.jpg 2kpsq44pgzhp_t.jpg dqskumdv4lb8_t.jpg rml6ax02di52_t.jpg

Viewtiful Joe - Double Trouble:
umf9brxdreka_t.jpg hy9nusigzdbj_t.jpg

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