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#2 Re: Support » Desmume Latest Version » 2021-06-13 03:10:54

yeah thats cause that appveyor site is useless.  the download used to expire every 6 months.  now its every month.  and desmume doesnt get updated enough for that  i came here to post about it but you beat me to it

here is the latest build of desmume … sp=sharing

you will need 7zip or winrar to open this file  extract the exe in to its own folder and then you're good to go.

And zeromus, if you are going to delete the link above cause you think it might be a virus then please dont leave people hanging and fix the download link for the windows version.

Thank you.

#3 Re: Support » R Button Not Working » 2021-05-11 10:33:39

try deleting the INI file in the desmume directorie

#4 Re: Support » Full screen showing a bugged image on the sides instead of black » 2020-11-28 23:51:32

try changing the display method if i recall that fixes it

#5 Re: Support » dont know how to load a save game » 2020-11-28 23:47:21

yeeter wrote:

Any help will be great!

if you are talking about save states   the hot keys are 1/ F1  to 0/F9 on your keyboard

#7 Re: Support » Virus Found? » 2020-11-28 23:43:10

relax people this is normal.  my avast software does the same thing all the time i have to temporary disable it so it doesn't interfere with desmume.  you can use a site called virus total to scan desmume if you want but its safe.

btw if any one if having issue with their PC, run adwcleaner  to clean up adware and bloutware  tfc.exe (by oldtimer) to clear up space on your drive  and then malwarebytes to clean up and remaining adware and viruses.  if you are still having issues after that you might want to run tweaking windows repair AIO  (this will fix any corruption left by viruses.)

hope that helps.

#8 Re: Support » Questions about "press button" cheats » 2020-09-08 09:10:27

wow jit is finally useful to me now!  it works perfectly with the codes now tongue  awesome an age old issue finally eliminated tongue  now all thats needed is the ability to poke/copy/edit values in the ram search  and  i dont remember the details but just the last basic functionality for editing and creating codes.

thank you for taking the time to fix it!

#9 Re: Support » Questions about "press button" cheats » 2020-09-08 08:55:09

zeromus wrote:

I looked into this today trying to remember what was going on, without really intending to actually fix it.

The "infinite speed foward and reversed mkds (NTSC)" example you gave --- it works right now? Did you mean there are other "pointer based code" that doesn't work? I don't have a test case right now...

i was actually coming on to say thank you for putting time in to the disassembler  its finally feels like a tool (I CAN SCROLL!)  plus break points is extremely useful! tongue  i will check the jit for you now.

#10 Re: Support » Stretched too much my sscreen » 2020-08-30 21:45:38

RedinTM wrote:

Hello, i'm new to desmume and have a simple question, when I was trying to fix my screen I strecthed it too much and then, I accidentally changed my screen size to 1, and I can't even acess desmume to change the settings (Since it's too small) any input or way to reset the screen size on the files?

delete the ini file will reset all settings

#11 Re: Support » Sonic Chronicles won't boot when cheats are enabled before the boot » 2020-07-15 01:24:48

CalebKOnline wrote:

When I launch the emulator to the home screen, I enable the cheats for Sonic Chronicles one-by-one, but for some reason after I turn the cheats on and then boot up the game, the game would be stuck on a white screen and not boot up. Is there anyway to fix this problem?

yeah you are using the latest stable build right?  the AR cheat engine has bugs in that version.  you want to use the latest nightly build of desmume which is on the download page.  all bugs have been fixed including the game hanging on boot.

hope that helps!

#12 Re: Support » Pokemon platinum to battle revolution transfers » 2020-07-04 07:05:44

whooler wrote:

I know it says wifi is not emulated but I don't exactly know how the transfer between systems works so forgive me for the stupid question if so. Is it possible to transfer pokemon between an emulated pokemon platinum to an emulated pokemon battle revolution? I always thought the transfer was done with infared sensors or whatever it was the DS had but I'm honestly not sure.

desmume did almost support wifi  but it never happened.  use melonds for wifi

#13 Re: Support » problem with Desmume? » 2020-07-04 07:04:41

lienhevansu wrote:

the other day, I accidentally deleted the wrong desume, I reloaded it but almost the saved data was unavailable. Now there's no way to get it back, right? sad(

if you deleted it out of your recycle bin its likely over written by now  try recuva  to get your files back.

#14 Re: Support » Macos: needs hotkey bindings (especially for state hotkeys) » 2020-07-04 07:02:48

mkikoen wrote:

Slightly off topic, and if you need me to start a new forum for this then I understand.

I would also appreciate in the future if the web designers could redesign the download page and the desmume website if possible in the future to have a more appropriate modern layout where it's designed into a download database branch like how Dolphin's website works where all the development, stable, and older releases are hosted and multiple pages neatly and organized into a full complete layout. That way the user doesn't have to keep searching through multiple websites or pages where to find the downloadable files instead of just posting a couple downloadable links and other web links that just take you to another page to only have you download the latest version that was posted on desmume's download page. It's very confusing to me since it's not organized into a database download branch.

(Here's the download page of the Dolphin Emulator if you want to compare:

Trust me, that redesign I promise will make it much easier for users to find what they're looking for, especially since it looks like the Desmume website hasn't been updated in several years since the design still looks like a blog post, no offense.

Finally, I really hope that the buttons to Load up a State Slot on Macintosh will hopefully be re-configured in a future development release from 1-10 to F1-F10 so I won't accidentally press the wrong buttons and loss so much progress, assuming I can find where the downloads are.

I hate to say this but asking zeromus to do something extra for desmume is like talking to a brick wall.   i can name off features that need to be added for desmume that haven't happened. (example: no hot plug for usb controllers or basic tools for making codes <_<)  im not sure what game you are playing but if you arnt using a controller get your self a usb controller so you don't accidentally press your keys on your keyboard.  personally i dont have this issue  but i use the windows build and a controller.

Good luck

#15 Re: Support » AVI recording » 2020-05-27 03:46:56

ChutacoackoPlayz wrote:

or you can use a video editor (i use windows 10 video editor) and then export the video
then its compressed as mp4

if you want uncompressed  use lagrith lossless codec.  its a much smaller file from uncompressed  but still has the same quality as uncompressed.  then use whatever you prefer to use to compress it to mp4.

#16 Re: Support » Speed Up Option » 2020-04-08 10:44:09

Thejas wrote:

So basically I need to have a super fast pc ?

sort of yes.  you need a cpu thats recent with a high clock speed.

A quad core or 6 core cpu for desmume works best.  your gpu wont matter much, so a gtx 1050 would be more than fine.  heck a gt 710 would run it fine lol.

#17 Re: Support » Recording AVI » 2020-03-10 03:30:22

Hero wrote:

But what is the best codec to get most of time before the cut? Is there any way to fix so it doesnt cut it in next version?

the design of the avi dumper i believe uses an old system. (not a programmer so cant explain it exactly)  it would be nice if it were updated to a new dumping system  but as good as it going to get.  trust me it used to be much worse and slower.

anyways i like lagarith lossless codec  it still puts out big files but you get perfect quality with minimal lag.  you want to get your resolution smaller for smaller size video files.  if you dont care about quality x2 is a good resolution.

microsoft video 1 at 60% looks pretty good imo.

#18 General » rogerman still around? » 2020-03-01 11:02:47

Replies: 1

i think its safe to say rogerman has abandoned desmume.  i havent seen a build post by him in 9 months.

#19 Re: Support » time-based events not working properly in pokemon HeartGold » 2019-12-24 02:59:11

intresting...  well  imo i would just use some ar codes to get the said items your wanting till a possible fix happens.  if its a desmume issue.  did you try it on another computer?

#20 Re: Support » R4 Cheat Codes » 2019-12-24 02:54:58

and i agree desmume new builds have been slow and rogerman seems to have lost interest in desmume?  i havent seen a new build from him in 6 months.  so why not release it as stable.  the beta builds of desmume are miles ahead of the last stable release.

#21 Re: Support » R4 Cheat Codes » 2019-12-24 02:52:31

antonlundin04 wrote:

So I'm trying to figure out how to use cheat codes for Pokemon Renegade Platinum. Mainly exp codes/rare candies code. I think I'm almost done but there's one problem. It says the following: Serial "NTR-CPUE-USA" not found in database. I do not know what this means. I think I've made a working R4 code and I got everything in the right place. The thing is that I don't know why this message pops up. Any help would be appreciated.

latest auto build of desmume can be found here.  link from the desmume download page. … /artifacts

#22 Re: Support » DesMuMe running on Intel HD Graphics instead of my Nvidia Geforce Card » 2019-12-15 01:12:48

fuzzfactory wrote:
zeromus wrote:

this topic should be covered in your computer's manual. Ask the vendor of the system or ask an internet support forum for your kind of computer. It isn't a desmume problem.

No, this is a desmume problem. My GPU works perfectly with any other game or emulator (dolphin, ppsspp, pcsx2). I changed the nvidia configuration to run desmume with my GPU, and even right-clicked desmume.exe and selected run with GPU. It just won't work.

go to device manager and disable your intel gpu driver  restart your computer and then desmume will default to the nvidia driver

#23 Re: Support » Cheats stopped working on Pokemon Platinum » 2019-12-15 01:02:18

nicegrilledcheese wrote:

I was using an XP cheat to speed up grinding when suddenly it stopped working. It still says the cheat is on, but it has no effect. I didn't disable cheats, this happened mid-session without changing any settings, and I tried rebooting the program, but nothing worked.


this isnt the place for code support it sounds like its a pointer based code thats no good.
you can get help on deadskullzjr discord AR code server here.

#24 Re: Support » cheat database importer checksum mismatch? » 2019-09-30 17:51:44

fuubar wrote:
zeromus wrote:

using USA Portrait of Ruin for example, the CRC of the file is actually 0x96df4c4d. You can confirm this by searching for that CRC online.

I traced through the code that does the CRC back to early 2013 and it doesnt seem like the algorithm ever changed.

The cheats database has 0x0d153ac2. And if you search online you find many cheat databases with this crc for this game.

Crazymax added the CRC mismatch error message in december 2013. I assume he had a reason. I am not going to remove the error message.

Please tell me what the CRCs in the cheat database mean, if they're not the CRC of the NDS file. Am I supposed to use a different polynomial CRC?

The checksum in question is CRC-32 of the first 512 bytes in a decrypted ROM, but with NOT operation applied to the calculated value.

Taking USA Portrait of Ruin for example, CRC-32 of the first 512 bytes of the decrypted .nds is 0xF2EAC53D. Doing NOT with F2EAC53D in Windows Calculator yields D153AC2 seen above, which is also found in the cheat database.

This worthless nag window has finally annoyed me to the point of finding the checksum calculation code in R4CCE. The function responsible for this in R4CCE is sub_41FD3C as IDA calls it, which is found in the memory of r4cce.exe at virtual address 41FD3C. It takes the pointer to the source buffer (0x200 bytes) from the stack and returns the checksum in EAX.
I hope that no one will have to see that f*** nag again, thanks.

im glad you knew that it was.

#25 Re: General » - Widescreen Codes - » 2019-09-10 05:54:39

AmericanR wrote:

Is there any way to convert these codes to make them compatible with the Japanese versions of the games?

get deadskullzjr cheat database off gbatemp or github  all widescreen codes posted here are converted in his DB file.

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