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#1 General » On Screen Touch Controls » 2013-12-21 05:11:54

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I've been trying desmume with a Windows 8 tablet using one of the new atom CPUs. It's fast enough to make most games playable, in the ball park of 40-60 FPS. What's missing is an on screen gamepad, so I'm stuck having to plug something into the tablet for controls. I was wondering if anyone else had tried something similar and had good experience with a particular 3rd party program. I haven't found anything particularly wonderful yet.

#2 Re: Support » (Linux) Compiling problem with Desmume 0.9.10 » 2013-12-21 04:05:24

After you installed 4.6, did you run the update-alternatives command to tell the system to use it? If you don't, both versions are installed in parallel and the default doesn't change. Search for threads about compiling CUDA in mint and Ubuntu since this comes up a lot there.

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