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#1 Re: General » Please optimize the graphics renderer » 2013-11-27 22:52:46

mininja2233 wrote:

Hey, I know this post has been dead for about 4 months, but am having the same problem with terrible speed/lag issues...

It's not my pc either, i'm running on an alienware laptop with 12GB RAM and I7 core.

Is there at least a way to allocate more ram to the emulator?

With specs like that, you should have no issue running this emulator. You can technically uncap more RAM for any x86 application from 2GB to 4GB, or possibly even higher. This won't fix the issue, however. There's no way that Desmume is hogging more than 2GB of RAM - though, I have seen it take around 1GB when lots of animations are going on in the game.

Squall Leonhart wrote:

desmume runs fine on such a processor,  learn to overclock or use the jit.

Even the lowest-end i7 processor made in the last few years should be able to run this emulator without major lag or issues. This isn't Battlefield 4, or Crysis - overclocking shouldn't theoretically provide any significant boost to performance, unless the user's processor is quite under-powered (under-clocked possibly). I don't know much about JIT (Just in time), but isn't JIT used natively as a default setting on Desmume? I'm probably wrong, because I don't have the emulator available right this second, but I remember using JIT before. I know emulators like PPSSPP use JIT natively as the default setting.

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