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#1 Re: Support » Is it possible to NOT sync audio with video? » 2013-10-20 20:36:28

Okay thanks.  I wasn't sure if video/audio was stored separately or if they were accessed at the same time or whatever.  Thanks!

#2 Support » Is it possible to NOT sync audio with video? » 2013-10-20 14:27:59

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Hey there everybody.  I've recently started using DeSmuME, and I'm having an (not severe) issue I was hoping you could help with.  I'm a fan of RPGs, so of course I'm playing them, but I also like to speed things up, so I've turned off the frame limiter in the emulation settings.  I'm averaging ~75 FPS during regular play, which I love.  However, the audio is sped up as well.  I was wondering if there is some way to unsync the audio from the video, so that I can play the game at above 60 FPS, but still enjoy the music the way it would be heard normally?  If not, no biggie, I can just listen to my own music, but sometimes it's nice to enjoy the music the developer intended, no?  Thanks!

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