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#1 Re: Support » Vsync/Stuttering Problem » 2012-11-27 22:30:19

as far as i know, sync-to-video (Double/triple buffering/fliping) only works in (true) full-screen mode without any speed loss while Vsync consumes a lot of CPU many people prefer double buffering/fliping over vsync
just try desmume with vsync (on/off), you will see the big difference...i personally prefer double buffering/fliping too, as in some cases (resolution+refresh rate) vsync doesn't work (like your case) as it should...
also vsync is useless (specially emulators like desmume) when you are under -60fps, does nothing but further slowdown...

as for True Full-screen & sync-to-video (Double buffering) option, is there any chance any developer will add these features as an advanced options through INI ?
it would be great help for those with CRT+ArcadeVGA or cabinet users, as well as 'full speed - 60fps without vsync'
Vsync is great but too costy ...also true full-screen could provide a further boost in some cases i believe

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