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#1 Re: Support II (decommissioned) » Pokemon Pearl Pal park problem » 2010-05-23 20:54:25

praveen wrote:

I am sorry but I did not mean to go off topic but I meet all the requirements for pal park and it seems the emulator does not detect the LG rom in the GBA slot as I do not seem to be encountering the pokemon that I should when LG is insterted. I am not even getting the "Migrate pokemon (from GBA)" option that I am supposed to get on the main menu.

If Desmume cannot find your GBA rom, (so it doesn't say "MIGRATE FROM EMERALD", ect), then the problem is with the GBA rom's save file (.sav). It is 64KB instead of 128KB as Desmume requires (right?). All you have to do is to open the GBA rom with Virtualboy Advance (VBA). After you opened it and it runs delete the save file, then click "Options" - "Emulator" - "Save Type" and check the "Flash 128K" instead of the "Flash 64K". Then save the game on the GBA rom, and then a new save file will be created and it will be 128KB. Your GBA rom will be able to work with Desmume now.

#2 General » Pokemon migrate » 2010-03-25 13:38:48

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I don't know why the previous thread has been deleted!

Here is the link (cached version): … =firefox-a

By the way, I kinda want to continue it! smile

Well, I think I figured out why it works with a few roms only and not with all:

There are 2 kind of sav files. The 64KB and the 128KB! If the sav file of the rom is 64KB then you cannot migrate with that rom. If it is 128KB then you can.

For example, I have 2 Pokemon Sapphire roms. So 2 sav files. Sapphire 1's sav file is 64KB and Sapphire 2's sav file is 128KB. When I tryied to make a migration with them, I figured that Desmume couldn't "see" the 64KB rom but it could "see" the 128KB rom.

The same is happening with by 2 Leaf Greens, my 4 Rubys and my 3 Emeralds!

Also, with some 128KB roms, after you select the Pokemon you want to migrate, when it saves to the NDS rom and to the GBA rom, it says "Save failed" and the migration doesn't happen. To fix this, all you have to do is open the GBA rom (with VBA) and re-save the game. Then the migration with Desmume will work! So every time you get the "Save failed" messege, just open and re-save the GBA rom with VBA.

(Let me know if something went wrong, ok?)

So, my actual question is:
How can I change my 64KB sav files into 128KB sav files? Where's the difference to these kinds of files?


(Please, don't delete this thread too, at least until I get my answer (not "read the sticky" answer)!)

#3 Re: General » Pokemon migrating » 2010-03-20 16:57:50

Ah! Also, the "once per day" migration isn't applied. You can migrate unlimited times during the same day. Why this too?

#4 General » Pokemon migrating » 2010-03-20 16:51:04

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After a complete migrating finishes, then the Pokemon are not removed from the GBA rom. They are still there! They are also in the NDS rom. Is this a bug or migrating pokemon is not emulated correctly?

Also, why I can't migrate with the Ruby and Sapphire roms?


#5 General » Desmume link question » 2010-03-20 12:42:00

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Hi guys! I'm new here so if I'm asking something stupid, or else, please tell me, ok?

I have 2 roms (Platinum and Diamond), and I want to perform a Pokemon trade with them. What I don't know is where is the option to get 2 screens!

Do you open Desmume 2 times?

Also, after then can you tell me how to load my 2 roms?

Thanks a lot!

(oh! and I'm using the 0.9.6 version)

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