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#1 Re: Support II (decommissioned) » Kingdom Hearts freeze » 2009-10-05 20:27:04

Ahah, well i just skipped all the cutscenes to get past it >.> Still the emulator did freeze up on it. Also certain dialogue scenes are glitched where the video will stop *you can play it frame by frame by pausing and unpausing it as that seems to refresh the screen* and the textbox will not be displayed. Pretty sure this is occuring whenever there is a parallel cutscene occuring on the bottom screen though it does not display the bottom screens cutscene at all. Again ideas suggestion, the game does same to have a fair amount of bugs.

#2 Support II (decommissioned) » Kingdom Hearts freeze » 2009-10-05 20:02:45

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Hello, using version 0.9.4 on xp and have played a lot of KH 358/2 days. Besides the game chugging along when things get busy I have gotten up to Day 193, Mission 56. Halfway through this mission a rendered cutscene begins to play on the bottom screen. It seems to stop and just hang on a black screen preventing any further progress. Ive tried the different 3d settings and all possible combinations in that menu yet cant seem to get past this part. Any ideas/suggestion or anyone else getting this issue? I'm still new to DeSmuMe.

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