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#1 Re: Support » "0 input mapped" » Yesterday 19:38:55

you need to find a friend who knows how to use a mac who knows how to go into your user profile directory and delete desmume's settings from there. maybe google or chatgpt can tell you how

#2 Re: Support » Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2: Grimoire of the Rift Map Slowdown » Yesterday 03:08:58

Then use a newer version of desmume (you may be using a 20 years old version) or change the 3d renderer to softrasterizer

#3 Re: Support » Desmume resets the DSV file even though i have a backup » Yesterday 02:58:04

desmume doesn't reject it, the game rejects it and it resets itself to a clean save file. you're loading the wrong rom or dsv or mismatching them somehow or misusing your save file hacker.

#4 Re: Support » The Classic "Could not get read/write acces to the battery save file!" » 2023-03-23 22:54:47

It's hard for computers to handle the funny letters. In the future make usernames containing only A-Z, a-z, and 0-9

#5 Re: Support » The Classic "Could not get read/write acces to the battery save file!" » 2023-03-22 22:05:39

Surprise surprise, wacky character ä.
Use latest nightly build, it may work better.
If not, you have 2 options
1. ask internet how to change/move user profile directory
2. ask internet how to create a directory elsewhere on your computer NOT in the user profile directory (I don't understand why people have such problems with this, c:\poopfart should work just fine) that you actually have write access to and use that instead

#6 Re: Support » cant write save error » 2023-03-22 21:25:31

config > firmware settings > language: choose french

#7 Re: Support » The Classic "Could not get read/write acces to the battery save file!" » 2023-03-22 21:25:00

The steps you wrote should have worked. Therefore your username has non-latin characters or spaces in it. If you post your desmume.ini file I may be able to get some useful clues from it; or perhaps I have fixed the problem since 0.9.13 in a nightly build

#8 Re: Support » The Classic "Could not get read/write acces to the battery save file!" » 2023-03-22 01:29:59

delete EVERYTHING and download it again. Dearchive desmume to your desktop. put rom in desmume directory. open rom in desmume, save game. It will work. The only reason it's not working for you is that you're using pieces you've already broken by using them elsewhere.

Or else you're using a username with non-latin characters. Never make a username with non-latin characters (or spaces)

#9 Re: Support » Problem loading saved states .ds* » 2023-03-21 01:17:30

place there the .DSV ONLY. Do not use the .ds0

#10 Re: Support » Problem loading saved states .ds* » 2023-03-20 20:57:49

place there the .dsv only. It is not a savestate. Do not load it. Simply start the emulator and load the rom and it will pick up the .dsv.
Of course you need to take care of one more detail. It is not enough to find the directory where the .dsv is placed by the linux desmume. You must overwrite that file EXACTLY, with the same exact name.

#11 Re: Support » Problem loading saved states .ds* » 2023-03-20 04:22:23

save states between desmume versions aren't often compatible, due to some unfortunate bugs we really should get around to fixing some day. however, with the .dsv it will work. the .dsv does not necessarily need to be in the same folder. Here's the best way to do this:
1. delete everything from linux
2. get desmume and the rom
3. run the game and save it
4. look where the .dsv is. "can't find it" is no excuse. Keep looking harder
5. take the .dsv from windows and replace the one that linux desmume created

#12 Re: Compatibility » Input Issue in Bowsers Inside Story » 2023-03-16 06:42:14

That's funny, thanks for reporting your issues persist in melonds and retroarch. Gaming on windows PCs is a *(@#ing shitshow, man. I'm running windows 7 here. Standing strong. Join me, brother. They can't break what you don't allow to update.

#13 Re: Compatibility » Input Issue in Bowsers Inside Story » 2023-03-16 05:22:54

Buggy systems can eat inputs, but from keyboard and gamepad both is very unlikely except that it's believable if you notice the game is actually visibly stuttering too. Problems with windows, drivers, etc. can cause that. In that case you may press the button 100 times while it's busy being hung (in an extreme case) or maybe 2 times, and in that case the game will never detect the press and release, and it will never shoot a fireball. Maybe try playing in retroarch which will smoke out different bugs from your windows system and drivers than desmume standalone will (or maybe no bugs at all(

#14 Re: Compatibility » Input Issue in Bowsers Inside Story » 2023-03-16 04:30:51

Fire flower works fine for me. I can't identify any problem at all. By frame advancing and pressing the attack button every other frame I can even get 4 fireballs onscreen at once. I think you just don't understand how the game works. You realize luigi gets control of the fire power at a certain point and you have to press luigi's button, right?

#15 Re: Support » Switch Pro Controller Problems » 2023-03-15 03:26:38

get familiar with it. Use a tool called "google".

#16 Re: Compatibility » Input Issue in Bowsers Inside Story » 2023-03-14 19:41:58

You need to find your own way to post files on the internet. I have no clue how people do it. I don't pay attention. I have my own way, you need to find yours.

#17 Re: Compatibility » Input Issue in Bowsers Inside Story » 2023-03-14 19:08:07

that shouldn't be a problem. send me a .dsv near a battle and instructions on how to execute the flower manoeuvre and I'll try it myself

#18 Re: Compatibility » Input Issue in Bowsers Inside Story » 2023-03-13 20:06:15

Then either you don't understand how the game works or your system performance is bad and the game is running erratically. Be sure not to use savestates but rather save in-game frequently and close the emulator, else the game may become internally broken due to emulation bugs or whatever. But I've never heard someone make this complaint before after over a decade of bowsers inside story, so I think it's one of the explanations in my first sentence.

#19 Re: Support » Switch Pro Controller Problems » 2023-03-13 20:03:44

This device sends nonsense to windows. run joy.cpl and check it out. There's nothing we can do about that.

#20 Re: Compatibility » Input Issue in Bowsers Inside Story » 2023-03-13 05:22:06

that's not normal. are you trying to use frame advance to enter commands at maximum speed or make a TAS?

#21 Re: Support » Switch Pro Controller Problems » 2023-03-09 19:03:46

how do you people connect your pro controller to windows PC? I have never found a bluetooth dongle that actually works and I don't feel like ruining a machine by installing crappy bluetooth drivers or strange 3rd party gamepad drivers, but if it works connected by USB I might could do it in a VM and pass through the USB. I would still rather wait for one of you to confirm you can run nightly builds and then try my blind fix first, though

#22 Re: Support » Switch Pro Controller Problems » 2023-03-09 02:49:46

Nobody knows why this happens. These rumors have been driving me crazy for years. I can't make it happen, myself. If you want to be a hero, you can find a programmer, install visual studio, and debug it. If you can repro it outside of steam, that would help simplify matters (maybe 100% of people with this problem have been launching it through steam and none of them ever told me, that's just how it is sometimes). I think what's happening is that we're turning input commands to WM_USER+X messages some other junk on the system is sending those, too. I would blame hotkey managers and stuff, but steam's involvement is interesting. That's just the kind of thing that would do it. Now that I type all this out, it makes me wonder if we could put some kind of a "cookie" in the WM_USER messages that no other program would know to do. Can you download a "nightly" build and see if the problem repros there (with and without steam)? If you can repro on a nightly build then I'll push a commit that does the "cookie" thing and we'll see if it fixes it.

#23 Re: Support » Poor perfomance with i7 950 » 2023-03-08 02:11:01

We don't support libretro desmume. On standalone desmume, follow the guide here … oo_slow.21

Define "any game". Some games should run several times faster than some others. If you get 50 on the slow ones and 50 on the fast ones then there's a problem with your system: GPU drivers interfering, strange choice of 50hz monitor and vsync enable, dust on your old cpu fan, malware processes, etc.

#24 Re: Support » I can't save state my game » 2023-03-06 19:16:55

dearchive desmume to a directory on your desktop and put all associated files there, instead of putting it in C:\ or C:\PROGRAM FILES or running it from the zip file directly as you've done

#25 Re: Technical » A plea for help on WiiU functionality » 2023-03-05 20:27:30

Nobody who works on retroarch uses this forum. Retroarch developers are on retroarch forums.

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