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#1 Re: General » desmume on osx10.5 » 2008-12-24 02:07:53

I thought DeSmuME DID....


EDIT: Sorry, but I'm not sure about current MegaMan compatibility... check out a forum related to that... you should be able to find one... … tnG=Search


#2 Re: Support » touch screen not working » 2008-12-24 01:52:45

Quite frankly, you'll notice that on many games, DeSmuME (as opposed to iDeaS) outputs much better sound quality.  Just thought it was interesting to point out.

#3 Support » Is the DeSmuME source code full of simple syntax errors for a reason? » 2008-12-10 22:55:37

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Whenever I try to compile DeSmuME v.0.80, DevC++ says there's a bunch of coding errors.  When I checked them out, they seemed to be rather simple, stupid stuff (no offense, btw).  Is there a reason for this?  I'm pretty sure if I clean it up with a little C-language debugging, the thing will compile, but still... it puzzles me.

A portion of the errors that stood out to me was the control input emulation.  Also, there were unterminated commands.

Was this a test to make sure that noob programmers don't just edit one line of code and go "WOOT i made an Emulator!  Lookit me!  Download!  Now fast hurry!"

And Shash, if you already e-mailed me about this, sorry in advance.  I wasn't sure if my e-mail was working properly.  sad

#4 Re: General » Games? » 2008-12-09 21:24:37

My bad.  I always thought I was okay because Nintendo wasn't losing any money by ME, as I already paid for my original cartridges.  Those who HAVEN'T paid and then download the ROMs are the ones who are truly cheating Nintendo out of money (and I guess, in a sense, the distributors as well).

But I wouldn't present my case in court like I just did!

I know that I am not stealing, as I have paid the money...

Now legally downloading?  As you discussed, that second important point in this conversation is a different matter.
Legal issues don't necessarily depend on right or wrong in the greater sense.  They depend on already established principals.

#5 Re: General » Games? » 2008-12-09 01:33:37

If you already own the original cartridges, you could probably safely download the corresponding ROMs on a ROM site.  Just be careful for viruses.

And I'm not promoting piracy, for those of you who think so.

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