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#1 Re: General » Mac Future Ideas » 2008-10-20 00:25:03

I see that apparently windows has more features than we macs do.  i would like to see those features ported to mac, especially the ability to stop emulating sound, and maybe a key mapped for a turbo mode, since i like going quickly through games unless its a really imprtant part.  cheats are stupid, but i kinda like playin with hex editors and cheat finders.

#2 Re: General » Games? » 2008-10-20 00:18:48

The illegal way to do it would be to download roms that you don't own.  you might be able to get away with it on some older consoles, but i don't think pirates of nintendos most recent handheld baby will be free for long.  as for the legal way to do it, you will have to own a DS and some games for it, and a few other materials.  Regretfully, as it was the first method i found, i will post a forum topic from team cyclops.  its a bit complicated at first, but after two or three you will be golden.

#3 Support » still adjusting to my mac...command line help? » 2008-10-20 00:07:19

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I am semi-proficient in C i suppose, and I would like to see the code that runs desmume.  Unfortunately, i havent had a mac for very long, and i don't even know how to view such a thing.  also, is the compatibilty or maybe the speed anything that i could fix with a basic knowledge of C?  probably not, after all you folks are experts at this and im not.  Also, are there more things to mess with besides the framerate on the mac version without going into the code?  I also loaded some snes roms since my console broke, and i can usually tinker with settings to get those to work.  BTW, by far the best emu on mac, and you can count on me as a dedicated fan from now on.  if there's anything i can do to help, maybe as a tester or something, i would be glad to.  Thx.

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