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#2 Re: General » make gpu accelerate magnification filter or rendering? » 2010-12-02 09:50:40

yes, but there's just one 32x32 sprite spinning, but slows it like gta 4. anyway, i'm not asking for wonders from complex emulator in alpha stage, just observations.

#3 Re: General » make gpu accelerate magnification filter or rendering? » 2010-12-01 16:25:44

well, i noticed one thing. if the touchscreen is fully static the game runs almost smooth. if there's some animation going on it starts to lag.
the game was crash of the titans. if you play as crash it's better, if you play on mutant it's slower.

#4 Re: General » make gpu accelerate magnification filter or rendering? » 2010-11-25 11:22:13

well, i don't know what pc's you have. maybe it's way faster and all roms go arcade-smooth at any settings. but it's sure noticeable on mobile turion-dual, the game starts to crawl (but the cpu usage stays 81%).

#5 General » make gpu accelerate magnification filter or rendering? » 2010-11-24 10:41:18

cosmic joker
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currently, if you apply hq2xs to mazimized desmume window, it looks good, but will slow down the game to unplayable level. maybe there's a way to render it on gpu, for example through shaders or directx (i'm no expert).

and maybe the game can be rendered at high resolution on gpu, for example psx emu's can render the game natively in directx or opengl, making it look awesome in fullscreen like a windows game.

#6 Re: Support » is 64bit windows version faster? » 2010-11-20 13:43:31

i did a dualboot install of win7 64bit on the same laptop. i noticed it's a bit smoother than 32bit, on 32bit i had lags everytime that looked like 1-3 fps, on 64bit it's still a bit choppy, but better game experience overall.

#7 Support » load a downloaded savegame in desmume? » 2010-11-18 14:30:22

cosmic joker
Replies: 1

i'm trying to load this savegame for gta … Files.html

i tried savegame converter, import backup in desmume, renaming it to dsv, but no luck
can someone give a hint?

#8 Support » is 64bit windows version faster? » 2010-11-18 11:36:55

cosmic joker
Replies: 3

i'm sorry if this was answered before

i have toshiba u400d, dual turion 2ghz with win7 32x. will it give any noticeable speed boost with win7 64x? i play gta softraster with window maximized and it isn't always smooth, gives annoying lags everytime. it's a bit smoother without hq2xS, but there's still slowdowns.

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