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#1 2010-05-29 02:40:32

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pokemon platinum problem

looking for a possible solution to this problem

I have downloaded a pokemon platinum game to the DeSmuME version 9.4, I tested the save function in the beginning at 0:08 and it works. I go through the game without the use of in game saves and planned to during the end of the elite four (where its required) However when i got to the end of the elite four it wouldn't save at all and it says theres already a save file and the message reads

There is already a saved game file.
Its impossible to save.
Please refer to the Instruction Booklet for details.
Press Up Select B Button on the title screen if you want to erase the current saved game file.

anyone know of a solution? or do i have to pull the plugs?


#2 2010-05-29 09:56:41

Awesome Possum
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Re: pokemon platinum problem

We don't support piracy.


#3 2010-05-30 04:17:05

Radical Ninja
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Re: pokemon platinum problem

And besides that, it is the 100th time we have been asked this question this year. Ask again in 2011.


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