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#1 2010-02-17 13:00:51

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Error in the Soft Rasterizer for Gyakuten Kenji

Greetings. I hope you all are in good spirits.

I don't see a topic for a standard bug-reporting format here, so I will just jump in.


I am using SVN revision 3379, 64bit, and I noticed a bug with the Soft Rasterizer in the second case of Gyakuten Kenji.

The bug should be obvious from this image:

Notice the peculiar line bisecting the seat's armrest on the top half.

This line disappears if I go to 3D settings and select OpenGL. Hence, I assume it's a bug in the Soft Rasterizer.

The bug remains regardless of Window Size, magnification filters, DirectDraw Software or Hardware mode, and Soft Rasterizer's settings.

I hope this is helpful. Have a good afternoon.

EDIT: Upon closer inspection, while the line appears to be a solid color, it is actually transparent. I'm guessing the layer is somehow being cut apart.

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#2 2010-02-17 17:40:50

Radical Ninja
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Re: Error in the Soft Rasterizer for Gyakuten Kenji

This is a standard soft rasterizer bug. it manifests in many games. 2d screen aligned elements may render one too few or too many rows or columns. It is just an imprecision that is not going to get fixed until a substantial rewrite is done.


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