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#1 2010-02-09 05:42:25

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IdeasLog() printing an extra newline

Hi zeromus,

The other night on #dsdev I asked about desmume supporting no$gba console printing, and you recommended that I just add a call to swi 0xFC, which is the ideas protocol. I did just that and it works great! The only thing is that I noticed that this call actually prints a newline every time it's made. Indeed, looking at the desmume source code, I see that IdeasLog() ends with a printf("\n").

I was wondering whether you could just remove that newline? This would allow for proper formatting; for instance, in my code, I effectively rerouted printf() to this ideasLog(), but my formatting is messed because newlines are inserted for each call.

What do you think?


#2 2010-02-13 19:43:54

Radical Ninja
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Re: IdeasLog() printing an extra newline

(for the record, this change was made in r3379)


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