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#1 2009-06-10 22:15:52

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Lowering the quality/question about Core 2 Duo.

Hello, i`m running Desmume (latest version) on WinXP SP3, with a core-2-duo processor about 1.5 years old, a brand new Geforce 9500GT with 1 GB RAM on it or something, 2GB RAM regularly, etc etc. It might not be the latest computer, but as you can tell it's not that much of an old box.

Anyways, I wonder if Desmume supports Core 2 Duos/Dual Cores/whatever way you wanna call it.
I also wonder if there's a way to lower the quality of the game's view in order to speed up. I don't really mind to see everything like a GBA game if it means i'll have some spare percents of speed.
I currently run the game (on 9 Frame Skip setting, AKA "TAB button capped") on (say a PKMN game) 100~% or so regularly, probably over 150% in battles***.
I also run the SSE2 edition, because I read about it over the FAQ, and I consider my CPU "modern".

***=Some part in the game where the graphics are probably hella worse, which usually means better speed.

Umm, alright, that sums it up. I'd really like to get answers, at least to the first question, if possible to the second one too i'd be delighted.
And i`m really sorry if I expressed myself bad, it's a damned hour after midnight, i`m sick currently so my brain is quite dead, and moreover, English is not even my main language XD

Thanks in advance people.


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