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#1 2022-10-22 06:59:01

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accidentally reset my desmume?

I'm going to start off with some context. Usually want to use desume i would go into my file explorer and open each folder till i got to the application. today i thought it might be easier for me to just make a shortcut on my desktop so i can just double click from there instead of opening all my files each time. Instead of dragging the applications from the files to the desktop like i shoudlve, i right clicked it and clicked on "create shortcut" thinking it would make a shortcut to my desktop. and when i did this it make a shortcut in my files. i close my files so i can do it later and went to talk to some people. when i come back and open my files again, the main desume turned into notes and lead me to notepad. i am able to open the shortcut desume, however i could not use any of my in game saves (pokemon) and quick saves. Desume also reset all of its settings ive changed such as the sound volume and my keybinds. anyway i can fix this?? like turn the notes version of the desume back to its orginal.


#2 2022-10-22 19:16:50

Radical Ninja
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Re: accidentally reset my desmume?

We can't really help you with basic computer operation problems, but some information that whoever does help you needs to know: desmume uses the current directory to locate the ini file and all other save files. so the working directory for the shortcut needs to be set correctly.

A simpler solution for you will be to forget about the shortcut and begin navigating through directories again to run desmume until things get stable. Then make a shortcut to the desmume directory on your desktop instead of making a shortcut to desmume.exe


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