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#1 2020-12-01 02:13:13

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Feature wishlist (screen options)

The #1 thing I wish DeSmuME had is the ability to split the DS screens into separate windows.  A close second would be the ability to resize the DS screens independently of each other, and change their position relative to each other.

I very much prefer having games take up at least most of my main monitor, and for NDS/3DS games I like to put the two screens on separate physical monitors; I have 2 normal monitors (well, the main one is actually a 4k TV), but I also have a program that lets me use an Android device as a PC monitor via USB, including passing through touch inputs as mouse clicks.

For 3DS games, I accomplish this via editing Citra's config files to resize and position the screens in such a way that I can stretch the Citra window across multiple monitors and have things line up reasonably well.  For NDS games, I currently can't accomplish this at all with DeSmuME, leaving me stuck with no$gba 2.6a/no$zoomer.

The FAQ says DeSmuME supports separate windows, but only for the Mac version.  I'm curious as to why this feature hasn't been implemented for Windows?


#2 2020-12-01 04:37:10

Radical Ninja
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Re: Feature wishlist (screen options)

Because it's hard.
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