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#1 2020-10-24 16:54:43

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Multiple button presses not responsive!

I've recently been playing mario and luigi: bowser's inside story and i've been having a problem where if I press multiple buttons (ie: a direction and the two jump buttons) only one of the buttons work and the others do not respond until the other button isnt being pressed. Like I move and try to jump with the two bros. but they will only move and neither will jump.


#2 2020-10-24 20:44:37

Radical Ninja
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Re: Multiple button presses not responsive!

your keyboard is deficient. use a gamepad, change the desmume key bindings to selections that work with so many concurrent presses, or use a hotkey manager to define some virtual hotkeys at the system level, including ones which may be kind of "sticky" (for instance, a sticky direction button will stay pressed until you press the key again, which gives you a chance to enter a 3-button command with only the other 2 keys physically held)


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