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#1 2020-09-26 11:58:21

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I can't open Desmume correctly

So I recently downloaded Desmume and haven't had any problems playing various games. Then, one time I opened the program and nothing popped up. I check the taskbar and the icon is there. I hover over it and it shows a preview of the program: all white. No matter how much I click the preview, it leads me nowhere. There's no window to be found and I don't know why. I tried re-downloading Desmume again and porting my savestates, and I could run the program perfectly. Now all of a sudden it has happened again, and I want a solution that is not downloading a new Desmume every time.


#2 2020-09-26 13:47:00

Radical Ninja
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Re: I can't open Desmume correctly

delete the desmume.ini file instead and pay attention to what youre doing to break it. this usually happens when something has made the window move off your screen. you can also click the icon in the taskbar even though nothing appears and then hit alt+space, M, and then wiggle left and right keys to make it reappear at the edge of your screen (this is basic windows operating skills)


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