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Skateboards need routine maintenance

Skateboard routine maintenance is very important because it helps to maintain your performance and nake your skateboard last the longest. Skateboards being used on a regular basis should be maintained often enough.

Skateboard maintenance is not as difficult and time-consuming as you might think. It's even very interesting. I don't care how rich you are, but changing skateboard regularly is frustrating and costly for me. I think many people like me, once used to using a skateboard, it will be time-consuming to get used to a new one. I have found a great article on this topic on Skateadvisors which I’m gonna share with you below. So, keep reading until the end!

Grip tape, bearings, and wheels on a skateboard need to maintain the most. The grip tape is the first thing you should pay attention to. Actually, this part needs to replace more often than others. Fortunately, it is very easy and cheap to do and it doesn’t take long. You can buy any graphics from skate shops then apply it to the deck after removing the old one.

You will get e lot of benefits from replacing your grip tape. First of all, your board will look pretty new. Next, your performance will be improved. It helps to increase the shoe grip so that you won't slip while standing on the board. You just realize the difference clearly when you change it through.

Take some time to check your trucks and wheels to see if they are loose. Pay attention to your board during the ride. If you feel wobbly and difficult to control maneuver, it is a symptom of loose trucks or wheels. You will need to deal with it right away. If you keep playing and ignore these warnings, you will end up crashing sooner or later. It can result in a damaged board or you end up in the hospital.

The friction between the wheels and the ground will cause the wheel to wear quickly. Once the wheels are worn out, you will have to replace them. Fortunately, it's easy to find this item in online stores or those that sell skateboards. The prices of these items are also quite reasonable.


Do care for your bearings as well. They are just a small part but have a huge influence on your overall operation. The symptom of unusual bearings is slow ridings and strange noise. Make sure you removing the bearings from the trucks before you clean. This is to ensure all debris stuck inside will be washed off completely.

The bearings are needed to be lubricated from time to time. The lubrication keeps the wheel running smoother, and prevents rust. Some note when lubricating is the choice of specialized lubricants. Many people often use whatever lubricant they find in their garage like WD-40. This is not recommended. The second note is, thoroughly clean the dirt before lubricating it. Double-check the bearings to make sure they are really clean. Re-cleaning if there is still dirt inside, otherwise, those remaining will be stuck in there permanently.

See also: Best Skateboard Bearings Buying Guide

A well-maintained skateboard will last you the longest. Taking some time to care for your skateboard and listen to it to see if it wants to tell you something. Sufficient updates to your skateboards will help to improve your performance. If you want to enjoy your riding, then treat your board well, it will treat you back well, too. Let’s give your board the attention it deserves.

A typical skateboard includes a deck, two trucks, 4 wheels, bearings, and some hardware. In which, the skateboard deck is the main part because it allows the skateboarder to stand on, and it represents the player. Meanwhile, the wheels are in charge of the skateboard movement, the trucks connect the wheels and deck.

Each part contributes to the complete skateboard. A damaged part will affect the overall performance of the board. So make sure you always maintain your skateboard. The more skate, the more often you will need to maintain the equipment.

I have completely changed my skateboarding habits since I found Skateadvisors - a skateboarding blog. This website contains a lot of useful information that I’ve never found before. Thanks to it, I have chosen my favorite skateboard, know how to maintain my skateboard, and many other skateboard tips and tricks. I highly recommend this website for you. Let’s check it out!

Contact information of SkateAdvisors:

- Phone: (1) 646-707-4551

- Address: 902 Avenue C, Brooklyn, NY 11218, United States

- SkateAdvisors on google map: … ge.default

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Re: Skateboards need routine maintenance

use a newer version of desmume. that's 5 years old. Also try another game so you can find out if the problem is black due to 3d or black due to no video output at all. Try changing it to use software rasterizer instead of opengl, too


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