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#1 2020-06-10 00:43:51

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Some Notes on a Pokemon Platinum Date Changing Issue

I know y'all don't want to hear about Pokemon problems but I wanted to get this information out there. Just some observations of a bug that I have. Maybe it's a symptom of a larger issue, maybe it's just me, idk.

So, I've played a good chunk of Pokemon Platinum on the last stable version(windows 0.9.11x64) and decided to update to the autobuild. After a couple of days I noticed some problems: the berries stopped growing and daily events, such as entering the lottery, weren't resetting. I didn't have this issue at all in the old version. I read that the second issue can happen as an anti-cheat measure if you mess with the clock, but I never did, and that's supposed to wear off in a day while this lasted longer.

Out of curiosity I loaded up a SoulSilver save I hadn't touched in awhile an noticed the berries in the berry pot hadn't grown there either. The soil was moist and the berries I planted hadn't grown since I saved. When I then loaded up the save in 0.9.11, the same berries had grown and the soil was dry, indicating that time passed correctly when loaded with that.

I saw that someone else had a similar issue but with HeartGold and the solution there of setting the clock near midnight and waiting for the day to change manually worked in Platinum to let the game know a day has passed, but only for that day and the berries still don't seem to grow. The clock and date are working fine in both games, but it's as if a 'days passed' check when loading the save is skipped in the newer version of the emulator, or something keeps making the game think I messed with the clock.

I haven't checked if the problem persists in a new save as it takes so damn long in both games to unlock berries. Also, while trying to find a workaround the issue seemed a bit inconsistent; for example if I load a save state from the day I switched over it somehow seems to know days have passed and gives me a ton of new berries. I also messed with the clock using 0.9.11 to see if I could get the anti-cheat measure to noticably trigger in SoulSilver, and all it did was change the date as normal, no problems and berries grew as if time changed normally. But all of this was just me messing around sloppily with no real idea of what I was doing.

I'm just going to use 0.9.11 for now, though I'm really gonna miss having a smaller touchscreen and not having the underground crash all the time.


#2 2020-06-10 01:07:17

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Re: Some Notes on a Pokemon Platinum Date Changing Issue

savestates between versions is unsupported. use in-game saves


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