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#1 2020-05-14 03:29:35

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I'm playing pokemon white 2, when i'm loading the file save state and it's says "save state file loading failed", when i read about the problem i tried to find the .ini filed and couldn't find it, my in-game save actually work but in much earlier when i saved in the state file and when i'm trying to save state file again and load it's work so it's something about the file i guess... i tried to move the desmume to another folder and it didn't work. i'm using mac and desmume v0.9.11.


#2 2020-05-14 13:25:57

Radical Ninja
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Re: state

There isn't an ini file on mac. If save state loading fails, it's because you changed desmume versions and expected states to keep working. Simplest solution is to never use savestates until you're an expert and understand what youre doing wrong.


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