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#1 2020-03-16 00:36:20

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How to save? I need help quick (Pokemon platnium)

Im a new user to desmume and was wondering how to make a save file for Pokemon Platnium. I've only found things related to this, not how to make one. Thanks in advance! Also im not able to open up the menu in which you can see your pokemon, items, and other things. Which button do I press to open it? Also, am I able to use the in game save to save? (just wondering about the last part)

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#2 2020-03-16 01:25:04

Radical Ninja
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Re: How to save? I need help quick (Pokemon platnium)

1. save from inside your bag. By "make a save file" you must mean "acquire the .dsv file" which is on your disk, after you have saved, from inside your bag
2. press the button the game told you to press. that's the X button; which key it's bound to depends on config > controls config
3. yes

next time you want help, go to a pokemon gamer's forum where there are millions of pokemon gamers. this is not a pokemon gamer's forum.


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