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#1 2020-03-06 22:46:34

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sudden extreme slowdown

i was playing a game (kirby super star ultra) and it used to run fine at normal speed and i think i accidentally saved my game while using the slowdown feature so now whenever i start up desmume in any game it runs at extreme low speeds and i dont know how to reset the setting i have seen people suggest deleting the .ini file but im not sure how to do that ive tried deleting and reinstalling everything and as for other speedup methods i shouldnt have to use them since my game was running at normal speed originally right? i just wanna reset it back to original settings and have it run normally again.


#2 2020-03-07 09:55:29

Radical Ninja
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Re: sudden extreme slowdown

there is no "installing" of desmume but only dearchiving to a directory of your choosing. If you think otherwise, you are probably running it from the zip file which means the ini files may be placed in your user temp directory. You won't know what to do with that information, but tell it to whoever you ask _somewhere else_ for elementary help with PC operation skills


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