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#1 2020-01-19 07:40:24

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Dragon Quest 5 freeze

So, I've come across a bug/glitch, in which going into combat completely freezes up the game.

When I go into a battle, and I select my move, the game immediately freezes after my character attacks, and I have to reload a save.

I think the cause was from going into the casino and trying the TNT boards, because the freezes and such only started after I got into battle on the TNT board.

If that's not the case, could someone explain what happened?


#2 2020-01-19 23:50:35

Radical Ninja
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Re: Dragon Quest 5 freeze

do you mean you reload a save STATE or an in-game save? it's possible, if youre loading save states, that the game is bugged. far more likely than the emulator being bugged. load from an in-game save and try again.
also try disabling the "dynamic recompiler" option which can make bugged games act more buggy


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