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#1 2018-11-02 22:11:18

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My .dsv files won't work?

I'm new here, so maybe there's already an answer to this question, but I did try what the FAQ recommended and it didn't help. I have a save of Pokemon Heart Gold that I used the Pokemon Sacred Gold mod on, and it worked fine for a month or two. Then, suddenly, it stopped loading my saves. I could run the game, but my actual .dsv save files(done in-game, not using DeSmuME's quicksave) wouldn't load. They're currently in the States subfolder, and even when I try to 'Import Backup Memory' it doesn't do anything. If it's any help, I'm using Windows version 0.9.11 x86.


#2 2018-11-02 23:26:43

Radical Ninja
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Re: My .dsv files won't work?

your .dsv files aren't in the states folder unless you put them there. If you did that, there's no telling what else you did and messed up. Don't import backup memory. .DSV already is backup memory, it doesn't need importing. Figure out the right place to put .dsv files, then put them there, then boot the emulator. But your .dsv may already be clobbered with empty data, because of something you did when you were confused. Hope you have backups.


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