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#1 2018-01-26 18:18:52

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Sound lag?

I was trying to play Miles Edgeworth Investigfation on my computer, but the sound was laggy. After messing with the setting for a while, i finally was able to make it sound well, but, even if the music sounded smooth enough, sometimes it would repeat itself.It is hard to explain, it is specially annoying when  character is talking, or pretty much any time a song is playing. Could someone please help me? This are my settings:

Synch Method: Z (both B and N sounded awful)
Sound Core: Direct Sound Interface
Buffer Size: I've been messing with that one, i don't know where to set it anymore.
Interpolation: Linear
Advanced SPU Logic: Deactivated

Thanks in advanced!


#2 2018-01-26 18:53:51

Radical Ninja
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Re: Sound lag?

sounds like your system performance is so incredibly poor that the emulation can't keep up. dual spu would usually be a better choice than synchronous when system is slow but it may make the speech a bit choppy.


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