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#1 2017-03-28 15:12:20

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Motion Pack (Tony Hawk's Motion)

I know this was only made for very specific games, like Tony Hawk's Motion, and isn't of great importance, but i was wondering if there's a chance or possibility for the Motion Pack/Tilt Sensor to be added into DeSmuME in the future. I really want to play the games that use this, but as of right now, no emulators can use it, so i'm wondering if there's a chance this can be worked on at some point. Cheers.


#2 2017-03-28 17:42:31

Radical Ninja
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Re: Motion Pack (Tony Hawk's Motion)

yes, there is a possibility. but you will most likely be an old man before it happens.
you can help by writing how you imagine it would work. entering tilt data by keyboard will not be fun.


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