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#1 2016-03-04 07:03:07

From: Melbourne
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Can only open DeSmuME once


When I first boot up my computer and open DeSmuME, it works fine, however if I close it (or it crashes) and I reopen it, it doesn't open. I can see the process in the task manager, but there's no gui on the screen. In order to make it open again, I have to reboot my computer. I have the latest x64 bit version as of writing this and my computer has a x64 bit processor. Has this issue ever happened before to anyone? Is there a solution?

Ben. smile


#2 2016-03-04 08:02:50

Radical Ninja
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Re: Can only open DeSmuME once

scan your system for malware, then disable your security software. try again; then uninstall junky software one by one until you find out what's broken your system. it's probably a desktop theming or multiple monitor management program that's making the window move to a random position far offscreen. you can check where the desmume.ini has parked the window when it's starting up invisible by looking reading carefully and applying some common sense.


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