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Wiimote in DeSmuME

I registered to share a GlovePIE script that I made for the Wiimote that works well with DeSmuME, and I thought some users of this emulator would find this useful if they own a wiimote + bluetooth dongle + sensor bar. Some of the functions of this script were specifically designed for this emulator, and it helps solve the problem of not having a stylus and always having to set down the controller and reach for your mouse when you need to draw on the screen. This can make the Wiimote the ideal choice controller for this emulator. It's not a perfect replacement for touch screen input, because the only perfect replacement would be a touch screen. tongue A mouse is still more practical for complex drawing sequences.

ReadMe: … eadMe.html
Download: … .0.7z/file
Other Scripts:

I'm not going to go into a whole lot of detail because the ReadMe is right there. In short, this script makes the wiimote function as a mouse and simultaneously enables controller inputs for games and programs such as emulators. It has functions specifically for DeSmuME such as having the ability to lock the mouse pointer to a section of the screen that matches the location of the emulated touch screen while in fullscreen mode. There are also different "modes" you can put the wiimote in to change the way the Analog/D-Pad function, and modes to lock the left mouse button to enable a sort of "free look" in games like Metroid Prime: Hunters.

I have personally used this script + Wiimote + Classic Controller for games like Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow which makes smashing blocks much easier because you can just pick up the wiimote, point at them, and click (but its still really hard to draw some of the more complex glyphs with hand movements). Games such as Metroid Prime: Hunters it is probably better to use a Nunchuck than a Classic Controller since you will be spending a large amount of time pointing at the screen. Using a free look mode in this game makes it feel much like its Wii counterparts, but it does take some getting used to because of how much you move around and how often it will need to be toggled to center the cursor.

I think that about covers everything. I hope someone out there finds it as useful as I do when playing DS games or whatever other reason.

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